Summary of Notable New Features in 1.1.3

  • We have remodeled the Catalog Structure to support product variants for the Catalog Feature. This has changed the design of both Backend APP and Front End Display.
  • User can utilize keyword search for products in Catalog Detail Page of the Backend APP.
  • Bulk Pricing is displayed on front-end Product Detail Page.

Support Product Variants for Catalog Feature

We remodeled the Catalog Structure to support configurable products

Backend APP

  • New Design of the Backend APP
  • The new database structure speed up the catalog creation functioin and catalog refresh function.
  • User can create new Catalog and assign different price to different variants of one product.

Frontend Store

  • User can add configurable products to a shopping list.
  • Support Text Field Option

Search Product in Catalog Detail Page

  • The ability for a user to keyword search product within a specific category.

Bulk Pricing Display on Front-End PDP

  • Show “Tier Price Rates” of a certain product after click the “Buy in bulk and save” button on front-end Product Detail Page.


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