Summary of Notable New Features in 1.1.6

Buyer Side

  • Quick Order Pad
  • Store-front Shopping List Page Redesign
  • Account Settings Page

Seller Side

  • Shared Catalog Product Listing Page
  • Redesign using Material Design concept

Quick Order Pad

  • Enables B2B customers to search products inside their assigned shared catalog using Quick order Pad without navigating to all categories to find product they want.
  • B2B customers will be able to quickly add multiple items along with required quantities by specifying variant SKU of the products.

Store-front Shopping List Page Redesign

  • We redesigned the Shopping List detail page for better UX.

Account Settings Page

  • Add Account Settings tab for user information changes.
  • Show B2B customer the company they belong to and the their role inside the company.

Shared Catalog Product Listing Page

  • Add a landing page for Shared Catalog detail display.
  • Seller can view all the products assigned to the shared catalog and all the categories they belong to.
  • Calculate and display product number belong to each category.

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