We’ve teamed up with BigCommerce and other industry-leading B2B solution providers including ShipperHQ, PunchOut2Go, Nextopia, BrightPearl, and Apruve to put together this comprehensive B2B guide on how to optimize your B2B growth.

This guide gives you the tools and strategies you need to:

  • Perfect Your Customer Experience: Build a B2B selling approach that meets buyers’ needs at every stage of the journey from site search to shipping.
  • Improve Efficiency: Discover tools that integrate perfectly to streamline your business processes.
  • Expand Without Limitations: Explore solutions that easily scale with your growing business needs.



Bundle B2B is a SaaS application that offers enterprise level B2B functionality to businesses of all types and sizes. It enables store owners to facilitate their B2B operations online and provide their B2B customers with seamless transactions and convenient self-service account capabilities.

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