The 1.1.8 Release adds improvements to the following features and functions: Faceted Search (B2B customers), Custom Shared Catalog Data Management, Payment Methods, and Company (Corporate Account) Approval Process.

Summary of Notable New Features in 1.1.8

  • Improved B2B Search Function with faceted filtering
  • Customers able to bulk export/import/update Custom Catalogs via CSV file
  • Sellers able to set up a special price for Product Pick List Option Items
  • New payment method: Purchase Order

Faceted Search Function (B2B Customers)

  • We improved upon the B2B Search Function by adding more attributes to faceted search filtering
  • Sellers have the ability to create a separate search experience for B2B customers by customizing filters they have already set up inside BigCommerce
  • There is an added ability to change the filter display order through drag-and-drop

Custom Shared Catalog Data Management

Store-wide Custom Catalog Management via CSV file

  • Sellers have the ability to bulk import all Custom Catalogs via CSV file for initial catalog set up
  • Sellers can export all Custom Catalogs in Bundle B2B into a Single CSV file

Single Custom Catalog Management via CSV file

  • Sellers will be able to export all product and tier pricing information from a single Custom Catalog to a CSV file
  • Sellers can update an individual Custom Catalog via CSV file

Special Price for Product Pick List Option Items

  • Sellers can set up a special price for Product Pick List Option Items inside their Custom Catalogs

New B2B Payment Method

Purchase Order

  • Set up the purchase order leveraging a BigCommerce Offline payment method and add PO Numbers entered by B2B customers through the order comment field
  • Sellers can enable the PO payment method for certain companies (Corporate Accounts)

Company Approval Process Enhancement

  • Sellers can enable/disable email notifications for new Corporate Account Requests
  • Sellers can control the email address for all notifications


Bundle B2B is a SaaS application that offers enterprise level B2B functionality to businesses of all types and sizes. It enables store owners to facilitate their B2B operations online and provide their B2B customers with seamless transactions and convenient self-service account capabilities.

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