In the current technology age, it has become clear for many business owners the shear importance of B2B eCommerce that enables their company to sell to their customers 24/7 every day of the year.

As the most important piece in the current landscape for sales, e-commerce is the key to the future of your business. In order to stay relevant, you need to adapt to the online sales space by using trending eCommerce techniques that are key in business today.

More Informed B2B Stakeholders

Today, B2B buyers are more informed than ever before, and no longer require as much interaction with sales reps to carry out the sale. Instead, buyers are much more interested in conducting their own research. It has become less common for B2B purchases to be made by a single party without any outside input from fellow coworkers and supervisors. “The average number of stakeholders involved in the decision-making process is 6.8 and rising.”

However, with the increase in stakeholder in a decision allows for a potentially shorter sales cycle through the use of eCommerce. Since B2B customers are more likely to research on their own, there is less back and forth between them and a sales agent. Customers have the option to purchase as soon as they have come to a decision.

The Amazon Prime Experience

Thanks to Amazon Prime, it has become common for many consumers to expect a quick and often free shipping and returns process. Depending on the size of your business it may not be possible to always offer free or same-day shipping. Many smaller companies are still able to integrate in-store, same-day pickup for their physical locations. You can also consider implementing free shipping for purchases over a certain purchase amount to entice a potential customer.

In addition to shipping considerations, you can also take into account the ease of automated reorder options. Since it is common for B2B customers to buy in consistent bulk, this feature would allow them to easily reorder items they need on a regular basis.

Live Customer Support

While B2B consumers are more apt to buy online, many still are looking for some type of human interaction in the process. These customers are looking for help in their purchase decisions to ensure they are getting exactly what they need for their own business. There are a wide array of options when it comes to live support on your eCommerce site to suit the service you are aiming to offer.

In addition to a simple text chat feature, you can also implement a voice chat option directly onto your eCommerce website, that works similarly to a traditional direct phone line. Whenever a B2B customer has any questions, your team will be there with the answers at just a click of a button.

Analytics Updating in Real-Time

Many eCommerce platforms have the added benefit of tracking customer behavior throughout every sales avenue your business utilizes. This real-time data offers the ability to see exactly what is leading to sales, prompting your customer to move to a new page, or leave your site completely. Business owners know these analytics are key in their overall marketing strategy to see what is working and what is not. Through utilizing these analytics, you will understand your customers behavior better and learn what you can change to increase your B2B sales.

Lifetime Customer Value

Ensuring your business builds its long-term B2B customer relationships is key. In the eCommerce space the cost of acquiring new customers can be high, however when you ensure loyalty amongst your customers you are able to have more control over your profitability. You can use the tools of your eCommerce platform to see what marketing and features are working and which ones you need to adjust.

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