This release includes new features, feature enhancements, and bug fixes.

Summary of Changes in V2.10

  • Introduced an approval process to the existing Sales rep quote feature. All quotations generated by sales reps on the storefront need to be reviewed and approved by merchant side approvers via APP before publishing to the company buyers.
  • Added quote line item bulk creation functionality for Sales Rep Quote Feature.
  • Added the tax-exempt field auto-update for Sales Rep when masquerading and making purchases on behalf of assigned companies.
  • Added the support for BigCommerce custom date settings on all BundleB2B user interfaces.
  • Added the support for BigCommerce custom order status label on all BundleB2B user interfaces.
  • Bug fixes for the sales rep quote feature.

Sale Rep Quote Approval Process

  • Added a “Quote Approval” Permission to the merchant side user role management.

  • Sales Reps need to submit a quote for approval before publishing the quote to company users

  • Approvers (Merchant Side Application Users with quote approval permission) can approve or reject submitted quotes. Quotes will be published to end-users once approved.

  • The sales rep who submitted the quote will receive an email notification of the approval result.

Importing Quote line items from CSV file

Sales reps can upload quote line items and prices via CSV files when creating a quote.

Integrate with BigCommerce Date Settings and Custom Order Status Label

All BundleB2B pages from both the storefront and Application side now support BigCommerce store settings on date format and custom order status name.

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