With a strong focus on all things B2B, this special virtual summit brought together BundleB2B alongside a robust network of hand selected BigCommerce technology and agency partners sharing industry insights and expertise on the latest B2B trends and topics.

Over the first two days of the summit, a wide selection of unique sessions was delivered.

Day 1 Topic Schedule

  • B2B Ecommerce for Growth and Efficiency
  • How Pre-Authorizations and Debt Management Payments Can Help Your Business
  • How to Make Your Shipping Platform Work Harder, So You Don’t Have To
  • How To Upgrade Your B2B Marketing Using The Power of Reviews
  • B2B Ecom 101
  • Love in the Time of COVID
  • B2B Industry Trends and How to Use Google Ads to Reach Your Audience
  • Successful B2B Advertising, Set Up, Execution, and Case Study
  • Consolidating Your Systems; Tips That Ensure a Smooth Integration Between Your ERP & Ecommerce Platforms
  • B2bbb…Personalizing the B2B Experience

Day 2 Topic Schedule

  • Best-of-Breed B2B Solution Built for BigCommerce
  • From Digital Transformation to Customer Transformation
  • Adopting Valuable B2C Strategies as a B2B Company
  • Acumatica Cloud ERP – Commerce Edition
  • Digital Transformation & B2B Companies — How Merchants Can Protect and Grow Sales
  • How to Integrate WeChat in Your B2B Commerce Strategy
  • Virtual Debate — B2B Digital Transformation: The Need for a Business Case Is Dead vs Long Live the Business Case
  • The Basics of B2B eCommerce
  • How to Help Buyers Find What They Want—A Practitioner’s View on On-Site Search Challenges in B2B

Throughout the course of the summit, all attendees had the opportunity to hear from featured B2B speakers including BundleB2B’s Director of Business Development Alec Berkley as they shared their expertise and guidance on B2B eCommerce, personalization, advertising, payments, reviews, shipping, automation, and account management, amongst many other B2B topics.

With hundreds of individuals tuning in, the event was a great success – leaving all attendees with a greater understanding of B2B trends and resources from around the globe available to help brands grow and amplify their B2B businesses.

Want to learn more? Catch up to any of the B2B sessions now on-demand or contact us below to get in touch with a member of the BundleB2B team directly!
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