Everyone knows that a B2B site is supposed to make it very easy for customers to choose items they need from a custom catalog and place their orders quickly and easily so that they move on to their next task. But what happens when a customer needs additional help?

For instance, what if one of the services you sell is helping customers to assemble all of the components they need to complete a project? Or what if incomplete or incorrect orders require too much manual intervention for you — and costly delays for your customers?

Imagine you’re a manufacturer that sells to contractors engaged with just about every type of commercial and home-based project. The orders you receive are enormously complex, often encompassing up to 40 items or more. Unsurprisingly, buyers often make mistakes, such as ordering incompatible hardware, and your company’s internal team spends a lot of time correcting them manually.

In this particular case, giving your sales team the ability to, upon request, review a customer’s shopping cart, make needed changes, and place the order on their behalf could largely resolve this issue.

Similarly, you may have negotiated a custom catalog and pricing schedule with your customer, but what if he or she is bidding for a large job and needs an additional discount than what you’ve agreed to? What if this is a long-term customer and it just makes good business to offer an additional break as a way of saying thanks for his or her loyalty?

In other instances, a business may be called upon to source out-of-stock or custom components for which there is no set price, and prices are driven by daily fluctuations in demand and availability? Is it possible to take all of these orders without hiring an army of sales reps to take their calls and write down their requests?

Sometimes Sales Reps Need to Help Customers with Their Orders

There is a myriad of reasons why customers may want their sales reps to intervene with an order on their behalf. As someone who values their business, you want to oblige, but you’re also keen to streamline your operations and keep your sales team focused on building their pipelines, not answering lots of phone calls or responding to emails.

Fortunately, BundleB2B offers important features to help your company ensure that your professional customers are as successful using your eCommerce site as they were purchasing in store or walking through an order with your sales rep over the phone.

These are standard out-of-the box features of BundleB2B, which means there’s no need for any extensive development work from scratch.

Sales Rep Masquerading

Masquerading allows your sales rep to log into your eCommerce site on behalf of a customer and to do things like access a shopping list to ensure it’s complete and accurate so that all orders that stem from that list are problem free. Sales rep masquerading also allows your team to add products to their customer’s cart and even place their orders on their behalf.

Think of sales masquerading as offering white-glove treatment: your team helps your customers verify or place complex orders, only all the work is done on the web rather than on the phone.

Sales Rep Quoting

Your sales team can support your customers’ ad hoc requests by creating a quote for any customer to whom they are assigned. For instance, they can provide additional discounts to customers on top of pre-arranged pricing, and they can monitor the quote via a tracking process.

The entire workflow is supported within BundleB2B, which means both your sales team and customers can sign on to your eCommerce platform at their own convenience to check the status and respond to updates.

Additionally, we can help you leverage additional features to help drive efficiency and accuracy with your orders, whether they’re placed by your sales reps or customers.

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