Invoice Portal Release Note V2.0

What is the Invoice Portal?

The Invoice Portal is a SaaS application that offers enterprise-level B2B functionality to businesses of all types and sizes. It enables store owners to import invoices from 3rd party ERPs or create invoices directly from BigCommerce orders for B2B customers. It also enables buyers to view historical invoices and make online payment against these invoices.

Invoice Portal is NOT a stand-alone application; it must work together with BundleB2B.

Feature List Summary

Seller Features
Invoice Portal allows seller to import invoices from 3rd party ERP via IP APIs, or directly convert BigCommerce sales orders into the invoices.

Users, Role and Permission Control
There are (3) built-in roles on the seller side: IP-Sales, IP-Finance, and IP-Admin.

  • IP-Sales includes the Store’s sales staff. They can view, edit, and/or delete invoices.
  • IP-Finance includes the Store’s finance or accounting staff. They have all Sales’ access rights but can also make manual payment against an invoice.
  • IP-Admin are responsible for the overall administration of the Invoice Portal. They have all Sales and Finance staff’s access rights, but can also add users, delete users, and they can configure Invoice Portal settings.

Note: BundleB2B and Invoice Portal share the same user login, and access control is available within the Roles & Permissions settings.

Order Dashboard
The Order Dashboard is used for creating invoices against BigCommerce orders.

A customer can create sales orders in BigCommerce, and the BigCommerce order will be synced to the Invoice Portal order dashboard. If there are any updates occur to a BigCommerce order, the order update will be synced to the Invoice Portal.

Note: Only B2B orders are synced into the Invoice Portal order dashboard. Sellers can click on “Create Invoice” to create invoice for a particular order. In version 2.0, one order can only create one invoice.

Invoice Dashboard
Invoices in the Invoice Portal may come from BigCommerce orders or from an ERP import. The “Source” column indicates where each invoice is coming from.

From the Invoice Portal Dashboard, user can filter through invoices with invoiceID, customer, orderID and invoice status. User can also export invoices as a csv file.

User can view/edit/delete an open invoice, can view/edit a partial paid invoice and can only view a complete invoice (fully paid).

Payment Dashboard
User can filter payments with paymentID, customer, and payment statuses.

In case an offline payment (a check or cash payment) is received, IP-Finance staff can create an offline payment in IP to offset the original invoice’s open balance. The offline payment can be applied to one or multiple outstanding invoices for the selected customer.

User can enter a check number or other comments in “Check number or Cash payment memo” field. This value will be displayed in storefront for the buyers.

Buyer Features
The customer log in on the storefront, they can view, filter, and export all invoices belonging to their company’s account. And can make online payment against one or multiple invoices.

    • Invoice list page – user can see all historical invoices on the Invoice list page. And can filter the invoices by date range, status and invoice number.
    • Invoice detail page – user can see the invoice detail in this page, and all the payment history against this invoice.
    • Make online payment – user can make online payment again one or multiple invoices.

Note: Only BigCommerce Payment gateway is supported for Invoice Portal 2.0.

IP Customized checkout script is build on top of the BC Optimized One-Page Checkout: