This release includes new features, feature enhancements, and bug fixes.

Summary of Changes in v3.1

  • Improved the storefront “Request for Quote” user experience
    • Autofill the quote form address section with the company default billing address if logged in as company user
    • Proper notification when adding products of different currencies to the same quote basket
    • Request form Country and State fields match with BigCommerce settings
    • Removed the “Added” restriction on the product detail page after adding product to quote
  • Improved the merchant side quote creation user experience
    • Autofill the quote form address section with the company default billing address
    • Autofill “Company Name” field after choosing company account
    • Autofill “Contact Name” and “Phone Number” fields after choosing existing company contact
    • Merchant user can search and select an address from the company address book
    • Implemented “view order” button and BigCommerce Order Detail page redirect for “ordered” status quotes
  • Implemented the storefront quote feature related page display to support the store default currency other than USD
  • Implemented the empty shopping cart action when Super Admin switches between companies during masquerading
  • Improved Quick Order Pad to support BigCommerce Product Minimum/Maximum Purchase Quantity settings
  • Optimized the storefront quote detail page URL to prevent random page access via quote id

Request for Quote (Buyer Side)

The improved user experience for the ‘Request for Quote’ allows for a more automated approach within the address section.

  • If logged in as a B2B user, the address fields will be autofilled with the default company billing address.

Quote Improvement (Seller Side)

Within the BundleB2B APP, the merchant side quote creation has been improved to autofill the address and company information.

  • Once a company is selected, the address section will autofill with the Company Default Billing Address information.
  • Autofill the Company Name field.
  • After selecting an existing user contact, the Contact Name and Phone Number will be autofilled.
  • Added the “View Order” action in the Quote listing page (APP)

Quick Order Pad Improvements

To further support the BigCommerce Minimum/Maximum Purchase Quantity, the Quick Order will flag any products that do not meet the specified thresholds.

  • If a customer does not meet the quantity requirement, the following error message will be displayed: “The minimum purchasable quantity is xx” or “ The maximum purchasable quantity is xx”

Bug Fixes

The following issues have been fixed:

  • Fixed shopping list multiple SKUs search issues
    • Search result not showing product image and pricing for variant SKU
    • Product not set to specific variant after adding to the price list
    • Automatically submit the draft shopping list for approval for Jr. Buyers
  • Fixed shopping list page not opening when end-user switching currency on the storefront
  • Fixed shopping list add to cart section blocked by “Data Collection preferences” floating banner
  • Fixed Order Listing and Order Detail page showing wrong currency for historical orders
  • Fixed Super Admin notification text error
  • Fixed Company Jr. Buyers not seeing draft status shopping lists on product detail pages
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