New Features and Improvements
  • Added support for BigCommerce built-in Shipping and Tax Settings to provide a fully validated quote
  • Automatically select and apply address, shipping method and tax when buyer checking out a quote with sales rep pre-selected shipping method
  • Added email settings for merchant to get notification when end-user submits a Request for Quote form from the storefront
    • Enable/Disable the notification
    • Multiple email recipients
    • Content of the email
  • Added multi-language (English, Chinese, French, Dutch, German, Italian) support for Merchant Side App
  • Added product modifiers support for the Shopping List Feature
    • Checkbox
    • Text
    • Radio Button
    • Swatch
    • Dropdown
    • Rectangle List
Shipping and Tax Settings included in Quote Feature
To provide a more accurate estimation of the quote, Shipping and Tax are now included in the Quote Feature. Sales Reps can calculate the shipping costs, based on the selected shipping methods, and the tax costs. (NOTE: Shipping methods and Tax Setting are configured in BigCommerce: Store Setup -> Shipping or Tax)
  • Fetch Shipping & Tax
    • Once fetched, the sales rep can choose from the list of configured shipping methods, and the Shipping Costs and Tax Costs will be included in the Grand Total. Additionally, when the end user proceeds to checkout, the tax and shipping costs will automatically be applied. (Please refer to the screenshot in Shipping Address Applied from Quote to Checkout)

Shopping List Improvements

  • Display the variant value(s) within the product line

Shipping Address Applied from Quote to Checkout

If the user enters an address in the quote, the address will automatically be applied to the shipping section of the checkout.
  • Address has been selected/entered for the Quote

  • Once the end user proceeds to checkout with the Quote, the preselected address will auto-populate for the shipping section. If the auto filled address needs to be changed, then the end user can select from another address in the address book or manually enter a new one.

Request for Quote and Quote Status Update Notifications

Within the Email Settings, merchants can configure the sales rep email notifications associated with new request for quote submissions. These configurations include: 1) enabling/disabling the email notification, 2) entering multiple email recipients, and 3) modifying the email content
  • Request for Quote Notifications
    • The entered recipient(s) will receive an email when any end user submits a request for quote.

Multi-Language Available in BundleB2B APP

We’ve introduced the ability to select the preferred language for the BundleB2B APP. To modify the language, a global icon will be located in the top right of the page. At this time, you can select from the following languages:

  • English
  • Chinese
  • French
  • Dutch
  • German
  • Italian

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the number of “assigned super admins” is always 0 for both the dashboard and company detail page inside merchant-side App
  • Fixed the V3 server-to-server API response missing fields for company related endpoints


Bundle B2B is a SaaS application that offers enterprise level B2B functionality to businesses of all types and sizes. It enables store owners to facilitate their B2B operations online and provide their B2B customers with seamless transactions and convenient self-service account capabilities.