New Features and Improvements

  • Integrated the quote shipping & tax estimation with some BigCommerce popular 3rd party shipping & tax providers (ShipperHQ, AvaTax) to provide end users with a fully validated quote
  • Added “select from existing addresses” option on the request for quote page for registered users
  • Added BigCommerce customer group name and ID column on App-side company listing page to distinguish companies with duplicate name
  • Removed the Grand Total field on the shopping list detail page (NOTE: Existing merchants are not affected by this update)

Select an Address – Request for Quote Feature

For logged in end users, these customers can choose from existing addresses. Within the request for quote form, end users can click on “Select an Address”, then choose which address to automatically apply to the quote.

Companies Page Improvements – BundleB2B APP

Merchants can now refer to the Customer Group ID to compare between replicated company names.
  • Added the “Customer Group ID” column in the Companies page.

  • If you hover over the Customer Group ID, the BigCommerce Customer Group name will appear. For example, if we have two companies with the Company Name: BundleB2B Inc. Please see below for the comparison.

    NOTE: The customer group with the duplicate company name will automatically include additional characters to differentiate between the two companies.

    • Company Name: BundleB2B Inc.
    • Customer Group ID: 18
    • Customer Group Name: BundleB2B Inc.
    • Company Name: BundleB2B Inc.
    • Customer Group ID: 19
    • Customer Group Name: BundleB2B Inc._iVtN

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the quote estimate shipping & tax not updating after changing the shipping address during quote creation/update
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