New Features and Improvements

  • Added Invoice Management Module
Merchant View – Management App
  • Invoice Management Settings
    • Allow merchants to configure whether to auto-generate invoices for orders placed via BigCommerce using online/offline payment methods
    • Allow merchants to configure which BigCommerce configured payment gateways are visible to buyers when making an online payment against invoices
    • Allow merchants to turn on/off and customize the content of invoice creation notification email to buyers
  • Orders: Allows only one invoice issued against one BigCommerce Online Order
  • Invoices: Allow merchants to edit invoice details including the due date, line items, and cost items for open invoices
  • Payments: Allow merchants to create offline payments against several open invoices manually
  • Roles: Added two new predefined roles for the invoice management module
    • Financial Manager
    • Accountant
Buyer View – Storefront Website
  • Account > Invoices
    • View Invoices
      • Allow BundleB2B company admin/super admin role users accessing company level invoices
      • One BigCommerce Order can only be mapped to one invoice
    • Pay Invoices
      • Allow one payment against multiple open invoices
      • One invoice can associate with multiple payment transactions
  • Allow merchant to configure company logo shown on the quote detail page and the PDF file
  • Improved UI for quote related pages
    • Improved UI for Request a Quote page on storefront
    • Mobile device support for both storefront Quote Listing Page and Quote Detail Page
    • Improved the UX for quote creation from the App side
  • Merchants can request extra fields added for Quote module to support customization and data integration
  • Added Quote Related Endpoints to BundleB2B V3 Server-to-Server API
  • Improved the Quote Detail PDF Layout
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