New Features and Improvements

  • Improved mobile device user interface for storefront features.
  • Improved Invoice Management Module functionalities.
    • Invoice
      • Improved the process and user interface for view invoice/edit invoice action
      • Added PDF export functionality
    • Payments
      • Improved the process and user interface for external payment creation
      • Improved the payment detail page

View Invoice

The improved user interface for the Invoice Details page provides better navigation for the users.

Edit Invoice Process

The improved user interface and process of the Edit Invoice page provides a clear view of invoice details and more consistency for our invoice feature.

  • Once the user finishes editing the quote, they can click on the preview button to confirm the changes.
  • The user can go back to the Edit Invoice page if the invoice needs further modification
  • Once the changes are finalized, click “Update” to publish the changes

Download Invoice as PDF

End users can export invoices as PDFs for external and internal references.

External Payment Creation Improvement

The updated external payment creation page provides better navigation.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Shopping List Detail Page displaying wrong product price when the BigCommerce Price List has several currencies set up for one product variant.
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