New Features and Improvements

  • Improved the Company Bulk import/export feature to support company extra fields
  • Added Spanish language support to APP and API
  • Improved Invoice Management Module
    • Removed the previous Invoice Portal predefined roles: IP-Admin, IP-Finance, IP-Sales. Current stores using previous version predefined roles will notice these roles have become custom roles.
  • Added Shopping List S2S endpoints to BundleB2B V3 S2S API: Shopping List API

Company Bulk Import with Extra Fields

For stores with the extra fields, the bulk upload function can now update extra field values as well.

  • The end-user can click on Import Companies to download the import template
  • The template is unique for each store since each store could have different configurations for extra fields. The template file will have the store hash in the title for identification.
  • For example, this store has 3 extra fields configured: Customer ID, Company Type, and Company Tax Code. The extra fields will be appended in the template file header accordingly.
  • Enter the value for each extra field you would like to update/create.
  • Please check if there is a required field and they are filled out.
  • Upload the CSV file and the company information will be updated.
  • End-users can find the error report inside the upload summary in Dashboard>Notification if there has been an error in the upload.
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