New Features and Improvements

  • Added new functionalities and improvements to Quote Feature

New Quote Functionalities and Improvements

Buyer-Side Storefront

  • Removed the “View my Quote” button from both PDP and cart page and
  • Added “My Quote” button for global access
  • New RFQ Form layout
    • Allow quote requester to select company level shipping/ billing address from saved address book
    • Allow line item Qty and Option modification on the form
  • New Quote Detail Layout with more Quote information

Merchant-Side App

  • Added Quote Bulk export feature which supports data export based on filtered result
  • Added Quote Duplicate functionality
  • Added “Archived Quote” Listing view, and actions to archive and unarchive quotes
  • Added more options for adding line items to quote from merchant side
    • Search product using keywords of product name or SKU
    • Search product using specific variant SKU
    • Add custom product on the fly (Custom products created during the quote creation process will be assigned to automatically generated “BundleB2B Quote Custom Category”)
  • Allow line item notes entered by merchant when creating/updating quote: Line items notes details will be stored in Order Comments field visible to end user after converting Quote to BigCommerce Order
  • Allow Merchant Convert Quote to BigCommerce Order directly from the Backend App side
  • Added Quote History view
    • The Events Log tracks events that have taken place on specific Quote including creation, updates, status change, message activities, and email activities. Each log entry lists the user, their IP address, the action, and the date and time it was performed
    • The Revision Log tracks all quote emails sent to contacts. Each log entry lists the email receiver, quote template, and the date it was sent
  • Added Five Predefined Email templates for Quote Detail rendering
    • Simple
    • Simple with Pictures
    • Waves with Pictures
    • Sky
    • Dots
  • Improved the Company CSV import feature to support Company Creation with duplicate company name
  • Improved the Company Address CSV import feature to support Company Address Creation with duplicate company name
  • Improved the storefront UX of making online payment against open invoices
  • Automatically log the user into BundleB2B App when the BigCommerce admin portal user email matches one of the BundleB2B App user emails
  • Added data security encryption for storefront storage

For merchants who have built custom functionalities on top of BundleB2B core features, please refer to this document for more details on all the fields we are encrypting now and whether you need to make any changes to your customization features

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the non-square Company Logo getting automatically resized in Quote & Invoice Detail Pages
  • Fixed the V3 S2S API error when creating a company with the company name already taken by a non-company BigCommerce Customer Group. Default logic will be converting this non-company BigCommerce Customer Group to BundleB2B Company
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