Published on May 18, 2021

BundleB2B User Guide

What is BundleB2B?

BundleB2B is a SaaS application that offers enterprise-level B2B functionality to businesses of all types and sizes. It enables store owners to facilitate their B2B operations online and provide their B2B customers with seamless transactions and convenient self-service account capabilities. Backed by the industry’s leading eCommerce platforms, the app provides optimal buyer and seller features including Corporate Account Management, Bulk Ordering Tools, Shopping Lists, Quick Order Pad, Sales Representative Masquerade, and much more. With core capabilities that allow users to easily manage front-end and back-end B2B processes, BundleB2B can be utilized to fit the needs of any growing B2B Commerce business and improve the B2B self-service experience for both store owners and their customers.

Get Started

This guide walks you through the BundleB2B application and provides instructions and assistance for navigating through its different features and functionality. Browse through the following sections for more information: Backend (Merchant) Features: For store owners, BundleB2B provides a variety of key B2B capabilities that your commerce store needs to drive selling efficiencies and optimize B2B processes.
  • Dashboard
  • Companies
  • Super Admins
  • Quotes
  • Orders
  • Sales Staff
  • Users
  • Roles & Permissions
  • Settings
Frontend (Buyer) Features: Simplify the customer buying journey with BundleB2B. Get tailored features that improve the B2B customer experience and meet your B2B buyers’ needs.
  • Apply for a Company Account
  • Company Account Application Status
  • Quick Order Pad
  • Buy Again
  • Create a Shopping List
  • Shopping List Approval
  • Address Book Management
  • User Management
  • Managing Quotes as a Company User
  • Request for Quote
  • New Addresses at Checkout
  • Super Admin Dashboard
  • Super Admin Masquerade

Buyer and Seller Side Users Relationship Diagram

V3.0 New Features


A Quote can be created from scratch as a result of merchant-buyer communication or prepared for a quote request submitted by the buyer from the commerce storefront. As a merchant side admin user with related quote management permissions, you can create a quote from scratch to offer customer-specific discounts, negotiate the offer details with the buyer, and allow the buyer to place a one-time order based on the prepared quote.

Seller Side Pages and Functionality

Quote Listing Page

BundleB2B Company Account Name. If the quote is generated for a non-b2b company, or submitted by guest/b2c buyers, then the field will be empty

Sales Rep
The merchant side user who prepared the quote

Quote Title
Can be entered by quote requester on the storefront and modified by merchant side sales rep during quote preparation. This field is searchable in the storefront company level quote history page.

Quote Status


Seller Side Pages and Functionality

  • Quote Listing Page
  • Quote Creation

Buyer Side Pages and Functionality

  • Company Level Quote Listing Page
  • Quote Detail Page

Request for Quote Settings

  • RFQ Related Buttons
  • RFQ for Direct Consumers

Request a Quote Process

Super Admin Merchant-Side Management

  • Super Admin Listing Page
  • Super Admin Creation and Company Assignment

Super Admin Storefront Features

  • Super Admin Dashboard
  • Company Account Masquerade

Sales Staff Company Assignment


Status (Seller-Side View)

Status (Buyer-Side View)

Quote Request Submitted by Buyer From storefront


– Sales Rep Generated a quote from scratch and published it

– Sales Rep prepared a quote according to quote request then published it

– Sales Rep updated the quote

In Process


Buyer adding messages to existing quote in quote detail page

Updated by Customer


Buyer placed an order based of the prepared one-time Quote



The quote passed the prepared expiration date without being ordered



Quote Creation

  1. Inside BigCommerce Admin Portal, navigate to Apps > BundleB2B > Quotes
  2. Click Create Quote
  3. In the Quote Information section
    • Select a Company to create a quote for.
    • Select one Contact Email from existing Company Users or enter any email you would like to display on the quote detail page.
    • Optionally, enter Company Name, Phone Number, Quote Title, Reference Number (for the customer reference), and Address related information you would like to display on the quote detail page.
      • Note: All the optional fields are considered informational fields. For example, the address entered here is not going to affect the shipping and billing address the buyer is going to enter during the checkout process.
    • Select the Expiration Date for this quote.
  4. In the Add Products to Quote section
    • Search BigCommerce Catalog Products
    • Support all BigCommerce Products Variant Options
    • Support the following BigCommerce Product Modifier Types
      • Swatch
      • Radio Buttons
      • Rectangle List
      • Dropdown
      • Text Field
      • Checkbox
  5. In the Line Items Section, specify the qty and quoted price for each line items
  6. Optionally, add Notes and Terms and Conditions in the Additional Information Section
  7. Optionally, add a message to this quote, message history between seller and buyer will be kept in the message log and will not be displayed in the exported quote detail PDF.
  8. Click Preview
  9. Check prepared quote details then click Publish
  10. In the pop-up notification after Publish the quote
    • You can visit the link for a buyer side quote view
    • You can send a notification email to one email address. The email contains a URL to the quote detail page.
  11. On the Quote Detail view
    • Print
    • Download PDF
    • Email the quote update notification to buyer
    • Add Message to the quote

Buyer Side Pages and Functionality

Quote Creation

Company Level Quote Listing Page Company Users(Admin/Sr.Buyer/Jr.Buyer) and Super Admins(Masquerading as one Company) will be able to check the company level quote history from Account >Quotes

Quote Detail Page
All types of Users will be able to check the quote detail via quote URL, and company users can access via the company quote history page.
On the quote detail page, you can:

  • Copy Quote Link
  • Print
  • Download PDF
  • Add message
  • Proceed to checkout

Request for Quote

Allows customers on your storefront to submit quotation requests. Customers can add products to request for quote form from product detail pages or the shopping cart page depending on the store configuration. Your sales staff can then access the BundleB2B APP quote section to create a quote based on the request for the customer. Then follows the Quote workflow for the quote negotiation and checkout process.

Request for Quote Settings
Request for Quote feature is disabled by default, to enable it for the website storefront, navigate to Apps > BundleB2B > Settings inside BigCommerce Admin Portal.

RFQ Related Buttons These two options allow you to configure where you would like to display the RFQ-related buttons to storefront customers.
  • Product Detail Page
    • Once enabled, all Product Detail Pages will have both the “Add to Quote” button and the view My Quote hyperlink.
  • Shopping Cart Page
    • Once enabled, both the “Add to Quote” button and the view My Quote hyperlink will be on the storefront shopping cart page.

RFQ for Direct Consumers
Request for Quote feature is enabled for only BundleB2B Company Account Users by default, these two options allow you to configure where you would like to display the RFQ-related buttons for direct consumers.

  • Allow Quote Request from Guest
    • Guest stands for storefront users without a BigCommerce Customer Account.
  • Allow Quote Request from Individual Customers
    • Individual Customers stands for buyers who have a BigCommerce Customer Account but haven’t been assigned to BundleB2B Company Accounts.
Request a Quote Process

Storefront customers can reach the RFQ-related buttons from multiple locations (Product Detail Pages and the Shopping Cart Page) and add products to the request for quote basket. After adding several products to the basket, access the RFQ form via “View My Quote” hyperlink.

  1. Inside the request for quote form
    • Enter Quote basic Information
      • Contact Email, Contact Name, Phone Number and Company Name will be pre-populated if the customer logged in is a BundleB2B company user. You will be able to change the pre-populated values for these fields. Important Note! All the above data are informational data shown on the quote detail page. Please sign in to your account before submitting the quote in order to get special price(BigCommerce Price List) assigned to your corporate account ( BundleB2B Company Accounts)
      • Enter Quote Title and Reference Number for your own reference
    • Enter Quote Address Information
      • All address fields entered during the quote negotiation process are informational data shown on the quote detail page, shipping fee and tax are NOT calculated by this informational address during the negotiation process. The storefront customer will be able to select the shipping address and billing address during the checkout page following the BigCommerce normal checkout process, the shipping quote and tax will be calculated via shipping and tax providers configured in your BigCommerce Store.
    • In the Items section
      • Add or Delete items
      • Change the qty for each item in your quote basket
    • In the Message section
      • Enter the message that you think will be helpful for the sales rep to prepare the initial quotation of your inquiry.
  2. Click the “Submit” button
  3. Keep a copy of the Quote Detail Page URL to access the Quote detail page if you are a direct consumer with no BundleB2B company user account. Company Users (Admin/Sr.Buyer/Jr.Buyer) and Super Admins(Masquerading as one Company) will be able to check the company level quotes generated via request for quote from Account > Quotes after logging to the storefront.
  4. Once the RFQ form is submitted successfully by a buyer, it gets visible in the back-office App. A merchant side App user can access the quote request from Apps > BundleB2B > Quotes inside BigCommerce Admin Portal, prepare the quote and negotiate with the customer via the quote message section or other methods.

Super Admins

A Super Admin is someone who has a storefront account. Each Super Admin has assigned company accounts and can manage these companies after login to the storefront website.

The assignment between Super Admin and Company can be many to many.

Super Admin Merchant-Side Management

BigCommerce Admin Portal > Apps > BundleB2B > Super Admins

Super Admin Listing Page
Inside the “Super Admins” tab, merchant side users will be able to view all super admins and their assigned companies. Two listing views are available: Group by “Super Admin” or Group by “Company”

Super Admin Creation and Company Assignment

Super Admin Storefront Features

Super Admin Dashboard
After logging in on the storefront, the Super Admin will be directed to the “Dashboard” page. From the Dashboard page, the Super Admin will be able to see all of the companies they are assigned to and select a specific company they would like to Masquerade as.

If a super admin is assigned to a lot of companies, they can use the search bar to locate and search for a specific company or company email address.

Company Account Masquerade The Masquerade feature allows Super Admins to log in on behalf of any company they are assigned to through their own Super Admin account. Click on the “Begin Masquerade” button on the Dashboard to start. After beginning the Masquerade feature, the Super Admin will be able to confirm which company they are viewing with the company name at the top of every page. In the right hand corner, you will find the button labeled “End Masquerade”. The Super Admin will have the ability to see tier pricing and view specific products that are only accessible for that particular company. The Super Admin will be able to access all company-level tabs with company admin permission.

Sales Staff

A “Sales Staff” will only be able to view the companies, orders and quote requests of company accounts assigned to them. They will not be able to access the information of company accounts they have not been assigned to.

The merchant side “Sales Rep” role is the only “Sales Staff” type role among all the predefined roles(Store Owner/ Administrator/ Sales Rep). You will be able to add new merchant side user roles and set it as a “Sales Staff” type role.

Sales Staff Company Assignment
All merchant-side users with a “Sales Staff” type role will display on the Sales Staff listing tab. By default, there is no company assignment to sales staff. You will need to assign companies to a sales staff before he can access information of assigned company accounts.

  • Companies Tab
    • Only display company accounts they have been assigned to
  • Orders Tab
    • Only display orders placed by companies they have been assigned to
  • Super Admins Tab > Group by Company View
    • Only display companies they have been assigned to
  • Quotes Tab
    • Only display quote request submitted by assigned company users
    • Only be able to create quote for assigned companies