Farmer Boy

Farmer Boy is an agricultural supply and construction company that designs and constructs farming facilities as well as sells parts and supplies.



Farmer Boy


Farmer Boy Services Agricultural Needs Nationwide with Newly Launched B2B Ecommerce Site

For over 30 years, Farmer Boy has been at the forefront of the swine, poultry, and dairy industry constructing, equipping, and servicing barns. This agricultural supply and construction company designs and constructs facilities as well as sells parts and supplies to serve various needs across all aspects of the farming business. With thousands of products in stock to help farmers keep their barns running efficiently and at peak capacity, Farmer Boy strives to provide modern farmers with everything they need to build and maintain their agriculture operations.

Looking to launch its new site on BigCommerce, Farmer Boy turned to BundleB2B to provide the advanced B2B features required to bring its business online. From establishing a seamless data and ERP integration to setting up and managing multiple tiers of buyers through company user management, Farmer Boy’s new site needed to support an online ordering workflow catered to a B2B audience while providing self-service capabilities for buyers with specific roles and permissions. Leveraging a comprehensive suite of BundleB2B features for B2B customer accounts and ordering tools, Farmer Boy was ready for a successful site launch on the powerful BigCommerce platform.

Quick Order Pad

By entering a SKU, searching for SKUs by line item, or uploading a CSV file, buyers can find the exact products they’re looking for and quickly place orders online

Customer Account Management

B2B customer accounts, shopping lists, and pricing can all be conveniently managed in one place with multiple tiers of buyers that have flexible roles and permissions

Data and ERP Integration

After importing over the past order history, multiple users under one company can also view the historical company order data and easily identify all company previously purchased items

Our Solution

Working closely with Farmer Boy to bring its vision to life, the BundleB2B team helped the company launch its new B2B eCommerce site on BigCommerce with optimal B2B buyer and seller features.

After upgrading Farmer Boy onto the latest version of BundleB2B, the company could now leverage the full suite of B2B capabilities available in the portal. With customer account management tools, Farmer Boy could easily manage its 2,300+ corporate accounts on the site and allow each company to set up multiple tiers of buyers within its organization with flexible roles and permissions. Company Administrators could manage all aspects of the company, addresses, and users, approve shopping lists, make purchases, and view company order history. Junior Buyers on the other hand would only be given permissions to create shopping lists and view company order history. Senior Buyers would have all the permissions of the Junior Buyer in addition to approving shopping lists and making purchases.

All the company order history data was imported into the BigCommerce site, allowing users to view their historical company-level order data even on the newly launched site. Other B2B ordering tools including shared shopping lists, reordering from product history, and quick order pad with CSV file upload were also leveraged by Farmer Boy’s customers to quickly purchase their required supplies online.

After making additional user interface changes to support Farmer Boy’s personalized requirements as well as collaborating with existing technology partners to ensure a seamless integration between all of Farmer Boy’s different site components, the new site was successfully launched.

Farmer Boy remains committed to serving the agriculture community through both its physical locations and through its eCommerce site. The BundleB2B team will continue working closely with Farmer Boy on future B2B site enhancements and additions to best help the company service its customers across the nation with a rich online B2B shopping experience.

Since launching on BigCommerce with BundleB2B, Farmer Boy has successfully achieved a high increase in sales and revenue. From company account amanagement to quick ordering tools, the company is fully equipped with all the key B2B features it needs to expand its B2B business online.

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