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Flexfire LEDs is famous for creating unique interior and exterior lighting experiences by manufacturing and distributing our powerful linear LED strip lighting products.

Flexfire LEDs
BundleB2B Brings Flexfire LEDs Robust B2B Functionality on its BigCommerce Site

Flexfire LEDs is famous for creating unique interior and exterior lighting experiences by manufacturing and distributing powerful linear LED strip lighting products. In addition to selling directly to consumers, Flexfire LEDs has a number of contractor customers who purchase products for a variety of commercial establishments and home renovation projects. Flexfire LEDs was keen to grow its B2B business, but its existing site imposed limitations due to its lack of B2B functionality. For instance, it didn’t support flexible payment options or bulk ordering, nor did it offer the kinds of self-service features that allow busy contractors to place, manage, and share their orders quickly and efficiently. Internally, Flexfire LEDs’ sales reps had no ability to service their customers’ accounts on their behalf. As a result of these limitations, the B2B portion of the business was largely conducted offline via email and phone calls — time consuming processes that were a deterrent to repeat business.

Flexfire LEDs needed a way to enable its B2C site to support a full suite of B2B functionality so that it could grow this important revenue stream. The company asked BundleB2B for help in transforming its existing site.

B2B in a Box

B2C users can apply for a B2B account to receive special discount pricing, dedicated sales reps, and various other B2B account features.

Customer Account Management

Streamlined tools, such as sales rep masquerade and quoting, shared shopping lists, and payment method visibility control, save time and allow FlexfireLEDs salesteams to concentrate on growing the business.

Buyer Self Service

Busy contractors have access to a host of time-saving, self-service tools like shopping lists and address books to help them place repeat orders.

Our Solution

Once BundleB2B was added on to the Flexfire LEDs site, it gave the Flexfire LEDs sales teams the functionality they needed to service and manage their wholesale customer base. It also provided a suite of self-service tools for their contractor customers that promotes efficient self-service and repeat business.

The BundleB2B backend, which includes Customer Account Management capabilities, is accessed via the BigCommerce control panel. It allows Flexfire LEDs sales reps to see all of the contractor companies assigned to them, along with negotiated pricing for all items. Reps can use the BundleB2B Shopping List feature to send quotes to their customers, which those customers can then use to quickly place orders. With the Sales Rep Masquerade feature, sales reps can log in on behalf of a customer, access shopping lists created by buyers in the company, add products to the cart, and complete placement of the order. They can also add, edit, show, or hide approved payment options for customers, including purchase orders and payment via credit card. BundleB2B also streamlines the new customer application process for Flexfire LEDs. The company can easily approve new B2B customers and assign price lists and sales reps to the new contractors.

The frontend offers Flexfire LEDs’ customers a suite of tools that promote self-service and repeat business. For example, when contractors log into the site they see their order history and use it to reorder in a single click. BundleB2B’s Quick Order Pad allows busy contractors to upload a spreadsheet with SKUs for quick and easy bulk ordering.

Contractor customers can receive project-based shopping lists from their Flexfire LEDs sales rep or create their own. All shopping lists and orders can be shared among internal employees for reference and easy reordering. A company-level address book allows purchasers to ship orders to multiple job sites quickly and easily.

As a result of implementing BundleB2B onto the BigCommerce site and importing existing sales data, Flexfire LEDs sales teams are saving time and increasing efficiency. The solution has also increased repeat business from the Flexfire LEDs B2B customer base, thanks to the significantly improved customer experience. Busy contractors can easily sign in, queue up their order history, and better navigate through the site.

BundleB2B has allowed us to expand our contractor business by offering B2B features we could not find elsewhere. BigCommerce can be limited, but BundleB2B has helped us remove those limitations and serve our customers the best way possible.

Flexfire LEDs

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