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MTC Kitchen is the online store for Mutual Trading Company Inc, a premier Japanese food, alcohol beverage, and restaurant supply specialist.



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MTC Kitchen Launches with a Comprehensive Suite of B2B
Features and Functionality from BundleB2B on BigCommerce

Established in 1926, Mutual Trading Company (MTC) is a premier Japanese food, alcohol beverage, and restaurant supply specialist. The company currently imports, manufactures, and distributes over 5,000 Japanese foods and beverages as well as restaurant equipment and supplies across the nation. Accomplishing great product development breakthroughs and industry milestones, MTC Kitchen strives to expand genuine Japanese food culture to culinary professionals and artists worldwide.

Looking to develop an eCommerce site that could handle its specific B2B requirements with innovative technology, MTC Kitchen needed a solution that could expand the native B2B functionality of the BigCommerce platform and help the company facilitate its B2B operations online. Leveraging powerful B2B tools and features from BundleB2B, MTC Kitchen was able to achieve its eCommerce objectives.

Trade Professional App

B2C users can apply for a B2B account to receive special discount pricing, dedicated sales reps, and other B2B account features

Corporate Account Management

Set up multiple tiers of buyers who have specific roles and permissions and easily manage company order visibility

Price Lists

Generate tiered pricing structures, pre-negotiated rates, and preferred pricing for companies

Our Solution

To meet MTC Kitchen’s B2B requirements, the BundleB2B team put together the optimal solution for the company to bring its B2B processes and customer experiences online. From handling company orders and price lists to effectively setting up preferred pricing and discounts, these workflows could now be handled with the BundleB2B app.

Price Lists
Integrating seamlessly with BigCommerce’s price list feature, MTC Kitchen utilizes this feature in BundleB2B to generate preferred pricing for companies. Several companies can access one price list, or one price list can be assigned to one specific company. Tiered pricing structures and pre-negotiated rates based on customer agreements can all be managed using the price lists feature.

Trade Professional Application
Existing MTC Kitchen B2C users can apply for a B2B account using the Trade Professional Application to receive special discount pricing, dedicated sales reps, and other B2B account features. The MTC Kitchen team can easily review and approve or reject these B2B company account requests through the BundleB2B app. Once approved, these accounts will gain access to the corresponding B2B features and increased permissions that come with a Trade Professional Account including Shopping Lists and User Management.

Corporate Account Management
MTC Kitchen can provide its B2B customers with convenient self-service account capabilities including User Management. Company Admins can set up multiple tiers of buyers who have specific roles and permissions. This includes Junior Buyers, who can create shopping lists and view company order history, and Senior Buyers who have all Junior Buyer permissions as well as other capabilities such as approving shopping lists and making purchases on behalf of the company.

With over 1200 company accounts now active on MTC Kitchen’s BundleB2B portal, the MTC Kitchen team has one central location for easily managing its network of customers and facilitating orders online. The BundleB2B team will continue to support MTC Kitchen with its eCommerce growth and enhance the existing B2B capabilities of the site with more features and functionality on the BundleB2B roadmap in future phases. This includes Company Address Book Management, which gives the ability to set up pre-approved company billing and shipping addresses, as well as other feature enhancements.

We just had BundleB2B version 2.0 installed and we have been happy to have it! Their support has been always helpful, and they always try to solve problems for us.

Yukiko Ikeda, Ecommerce Manager, MTC Kitchen

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