Safety Source

The Safety Source is a leading maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) wholesaler and distributor of safety, janitorial, LED lighting, material handling, and office supplies.



Safety Source

The Safety Source Delivers a Modern Online B2B Shopping Experience with Feature-Rich B2B Solution

Committed to supplying customers with critical personal protective equipment (PPE) to support public health and customer safety, The Safety Source is a leading maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) wholesaler and distributor of safety, janitorial, LED lighting, material handling, and office supplies. The company services manufacturing, construction, municipalities, doctor/dentist offices, foodservice, hospitals, schools, property management, and environmental service companies across North America. With over 425,000 products available, The Safety Source specializes in helping businesses reduce costs associated with retrieving supplies required to protect employees and maintain a safe and sanitary workplace.

Understanding that B2B buying behaviors are evolving, The Safety Source recognized the importance of bringing its business online. The company turned to BigCommerce and BundleB2B to bring its B2B customers a positive user experience, ease of purchase, and tools to seamlessly conduct their B2B transactions. By leveraging rich B2B features and functionality, The Safety Source was ready to launch its B2B eCommerce site and successfully deliver a great shopping experience its B2B customers.

Buy Again

All company previously purchased items can be viewed and quickly added to a new/ existing shopping list or straight to the cart with the desired quantity

Customer Account Management

B2B customer accounts, shopping lists, and pricing can all be conveniently managed in one place with multiple tiers of buyers that have flexible roles and permissions

Purchase Order

Company buyers can create a PO number as a payment method during checkout and easily view, sort, and search for these on the order history page

Our Solution

Taking into consideration The Safety Source’s different B2B requirements, the BundleB2B team delivered a rich and comprehensive suite of B2B features that would help the company improve its overall B2B buying experience.

Using the Trade Professional Application and Customer Account Management features, The Safety Source can easily manage the approval process for new B2B customer accounts as well as personalize content and pricing based on the specific customer who is logged in. Companies can set up and manage multiple tiers of buyers with flexible roles and permissions including a Company Administrator, Senior Buyer, and Junior Buyer.

For quick reordering, the Buy Again feature allows company buyers to view all previously purchased items and orders and quickly add them to the shopping cart or list. Additional customizations and changes to the user interface were also added upon The Safety Source’s request to include line item product images. Other bulk ordering tools including the Quick Order Pad and CSV file upload provide The Safety Source’s customers with fast and easy-to-use tools for smooth online ordering and repeat orders.

Utilizing the BundleB2B checkout, customers also have various payment method options including purchase order. They can set a PO Number during checkout and later sort and search for these in the order history page.

Following a successful launch, The Safety Source continues to bring more of its B2B customers online. With rising online sales, the company will work closely with the BundleB2B team to continue site enhancements and add in new features from the BundleB2B roadmap that will support its growing customer base.

Leveraging a powerful set of B2B ordering tools including pay by purchase order, shopping lists, quick order pad (including CSV file upload), reordering from product history (buy again), and a full B2B checkout experience, the safety source easily facilitates and manages its growing B2B orders through its eCommerce site.

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