Tectran is a manufacturer and marketer of air, hydraulic and electrical components and systems for the transportation equipment industry.


Tectran Transitions B2B Business from Offline to Online with Launch of New Ecommerce Site on BigCommerce with BundleB2B

Since its establishment in 1972, Tectran has been committed to developing innovative and dependable equipment solutions for the transportation industry. As a manufacturer and marketer of air, hydraulic, and electrical components and systems, Tectran produces high quality products that offer maintenance, operating, safety, and security solutions to equipment operators throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Understanding the important need to bring its offline business processes online, Tectran looked to create a new eCommerce site with the B2B features and functionalities required to successfully bring its customers and sales reps online. Partnering with BigCommerce and BundleB2B to establish its online presence and quickly launch its B2B eCommerce store, Tectran successfully achieved growth in online sales and a high adoption rate among customers and team members.


Generate tiered pricing structures, pre-negotiated rates, and preferred pricing for companies

Sales Representative Masquerade

Sales reps can log in, access shopping lists, add products, and complete orders on behalf of a company

Quick Order Pad

By entering a SKU, searching for SKUs by line item, or uploading a CSV file, buyers can quickly place orders online.

Our Solution

BundleB2B provided a set of key B2B features that would enable the company to seamlessly manage its B2B processes online on the BigCommerce platform while delivering a great customer experience. From quick order and price lists to sales representative enablement and company account management, Tectran now has a comprehensive suite of self-service B2B features available for its customers and sales representatives.

As a B2B manufacturer in the transportation industry, Tectran had been handling its B2B processes offline. Customers would call, fax, and email to place orders or visit brick and mortar locations. The Tectran team would then need to manage and process these orders manually. With BundleB2B, these orders could now be easily handled online through the app. Customers now utilize quick order tools to upload CSVs, search for specific product SKUs, and place orders online.

Tectran can create complex price lists per customer for tailored pricing and manage these through the BundleB2B app. Through the sales representative masquerade feature, sales reps are also able to review pricing and complete placement of orders on behalf of customers. Fully equipped with these B2B features, the company continues to transition its customers to online buying while increasing automation of offline processes.

With over 4,500 existing customers, Tectran continues to onboard its customer base onto the BundleB2B app to easily facilitate and manage B2B orders online. Achieving over a quarter million dollars in online sales on its BigCommerce site and continuing to rise, Tectran has successfully brought its business online. The BundleB2B team will continue to support the company with its ongoing eCommerce growth while continuing to enhance the site with upcoming features on the BundleB2B roadmap.

Since launching our site with BigCommerce and BundleB2B, we’ve seen over a quarter million dollars in online sales so far. Our new eCommerce site and B2B features have led to the successful digitization of our company and allowed us to reduce offline processes by bringing them online.

Drew Brownson, Digital Marketing Manager, Tectran

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