Therafirm is a manufacturer of gradient compression hose and therapy products that help improve circulation, prevent swelling, and relieve tired, achy legs.





Migrating from Magento 1 to BigCommerce, Therafirm’s Wholesale Site Goes Live with Robust B2B Features

Therafirm has been a leader in manufacturing healthy, gradient compression products for over 50 years. Acquired by Knit-Rite, Inc., the brand continues to evolve under the new ownership and deliver innovative compression products for the medical field and consumer markets. Knit-Rite has multiple consumer products sold under four separate retail brands along with a robust wholesale business, each of which requires its own eCommerce site.

Due to Magento 1 reaching its end-of-life, Knit-Rite knew it had to migrate its five sites onto a new eCommerce platform. For its wholesale B2B site, it also needed to have different B2B capabilities that would allow company account users to move through the checkout process faster, store multiple shipping addresses, view and track company orders, and more. Choosing BigCommerce as its new eCommerce platform paired with BundleB2B for advanced B2B features, Knit-Rite was ready to quickly complete its site migration for its four consumer retail sites and its Therafirm B2B wholesale site.

Bulk Ordering

B2B buyers have the option to easily configure and order products on the PDP page or utilize the quick order pad to order via variant SKUs or through uploading a CSV file

Trade Professional Application

Guest and B2C users can apply for a B2B wholesale corporate account to gain access to B2B self-service account capabilities, specific pricing, and quick ordering tools

Purchase Order

Company account users can create a PO number as a payment method during checkout and easily view, sort, and search for these on the order history page

Our Solution

With four consumer sites selling seven brands and a B2B site supporting resellers, the original layout designs of the Magento 1 site were migrated over to the BigCommerce platform. The text, images, and colors were customized to match each brand’s identity. A unique order grid allowing site visitors to order multiple products with different sizes, colors, and compression levels from the same product details page was also created.

Leveraging BundleB2B to deliver seamless transactions and self-service account capabilities, the wholesale site could set up corporate accounts and associate each logged-in user to them. This would allow B2B customers to see their negotiated product pricing and preferred payment options when accessing the site. For busy buyers to place their orders quickly, they could utilize the quick order pad feature and other bulk ordering tools. Users could then find products by SKU or upload a product list via CSV file and add them directly to the cart without having to navigate throughout the site. Buyers can also place new orders and quickly reorder products based on past purchases and company order history. Additional payment methods including purchase order were also established.

Content updates could be made across all the sites quickly and easily without requiring complex HTML or CSS. Inventory, orders, and customer data were also seamlessly synced between the eCommerce sites and the ERP system.

Since launching, the Therafirm wholesale site and the four retail sites have achieved a steady influx of orders. From start to finish, the design, development, and migration of all sites took just seven months. The BundleB2B team will continue to support the company’s B2B initiatives as it delivers quality gradient compression hose and therapy products to its customers that help improve circulation, prevent swelling, and relieve tired, achy legs.

Equipped with a full suite of B2B features, the B2B wholesale site makes the purchasing process easier and quicker for B2B users with convenient self-service eCommerce functionality.

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