United Aqua Group (UAG)

United Aqua Group is one of the nation’s largest organizations dedicated to the professional pool construction, service, and retail industry.

United Aqua Group (UAG)

United Aqua Group is one of the nation’s largest organizations dedicated to the professional pool construction, service, and retail industry.


United Aqua Group (UAG)
United Aqua Group Creates a Big Splash with New B2B Ecommerce Site for Buying Group Members

As a member owned cooperative consisting of swimming pool builders, retailers, and service professionals, United Aqua Group (UAG) is a premier buying group that manages trusted brands for residential and commercial pool design, construction, and retail pool products. UAG offers its members access to over 350,000 products on its members-only portal through strategic alliances with about 300 supplier partners. Building an enriching network with elite pool professionals, UAG strives to expand the knowledge, wealth, and united experiences of its members.

UAG faced challenges with its previous members-only portal and needed to find a rich B2B solution that would solve its different pain points. On its previous platform, organizing products and updating categories were met with great difficulty. There was no invoice payment system available and site search was not intuitive. In addition, the UAG team faced issues with quick order and wanted a solution that could help it simplify its B2B transactions. The UAG team was searching for an agile platform that would support its specific B2B requirements and be easy to manage and integrate.

Looking for an eCommerce solution complete with robust B2B features and functionality to meet its specific needs, UAG discovered BigCommerce together with BundleB2B as the optimal B2B solution to achieve its business goals.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Integration

Seamlessly synchronize data such as shipping, inventory, order, and customer information between the ERP system and eCommerce platform.

Invoice Portal

Buyers can view, track, and pay for their B2B invoices online with credit card, purchase order, and other forms of payment supported.

Quick Order Pad and Shopping Lists

Build orders and save products to multiple shopping lists and quickly place large orders by uploading a CSV file or entering SKUs.

Our Solution

One of the main challenges UAG was looking to solve was the ability to handle B2B payments on its eCommerce site. With an easy-to-use invoice portal from BundleB2B for its customers to view, track, and pay for their B2B invoices online, UAG could allow its users to view their invoice history and pay off their outstanding account balances on the eCommerce platform. Establishing a smooth connection between UAG’s Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) ERP system and BigCommerce was also key for allowing data to flow seamlessly between the two systems and supporting UAG’s integration needs. Synchronizing orders, shipping, and inventory information across its channels was important for UAG to maintain accurate and reliable information for its customers.

“BundleB2B has allowed our unique B2B needs to become reality in a primarily B2C platform. The bundle team was able to integrate with our existing ERP and provide custom development for our business needs.” – United Aqua Group

With the lower total cost of ownership and flexibility of the BigCommerce platform paired with the advanced B2B functionality provided by BundleB2B, UAG was able to launch its new eCommerce site with a full suite of key B2B features needed to deliver a modern B2B shopping experience for its buyers. UAG members can manage and save multiple shopping lists within the app, allowing them to retrieve these for future use and seamlessly purchase previously saved products. By entering a SKU, searching for SKUs by line item, or uploading a CSV file, buyers can find the exact products they are looking for and quickly place orders online through the quick order pad. Corporate account management features also allow company admins to set up multiple tiers of buyers for their organization with different levels of roles and permissions.

“BundleB2B allows us to group our customers as different companies, an out of the box feature. It provides our customers with essential features like shopping lists and quick order pads so our partners can quickly place orders. Bundle allows our partners to control their users by providing different purchasing levels for their purchasing agents.” – United Aqua Group

The stable and timely launch of UAG’s B2B online store on BigCommerce with BundleB2B now provides UAG members with easy access to thousands of trusted products at manufacturer-direct pricing. After a successful initial launch, BundleB2B will continue working closely with UAG on further enhancements and initiatives to continue to grow its B2B business on the BigCommerce platform.

The team has been an absolute joy to work with and has never failed to meet expectations. If you are a B2B company considering BigCommerce or you have B2B needs, BundleB2B is a must have.

United Aqua Group

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