Sales Representative Masquerade and Quoting

  • Sales representatives can log in on behalf of a company, access shopping lists created by buyers in the company, add products to the cart, and complete placement of the order.
  • Sales representatives can create a quote for a customer they are assigned to. They can provide additional discounts to customers on top of pre-arranged pricing. An open key reference number field is available for tracking purposes.

Shared Shopping Lists

  • Buyers can manage and save multiple shopping lists within the app, allowing them to retrieve these for future use and seamlessly purchase previously saved products.
  • All users can create a shopping list; a Junior Buyer is the only user who will have to submit an approval for purchase as Junior Buyers do not have user permissions to make purchases.
  • Shopping lists may be approved by Senior Buyers or Company Administrators.

Company Address Book Management

  • Set up pre-approved Billing and Shipping addresses.
  • Reduce risk of mistakes in open-keying addresses.
  • Both Company Administrators and Sales Reps can modify addresses if permissions are provided.

User Management: Roles and Permissions

  • Manage the corporate account and set up multiple tiers of buyers who have specific roles and permissions.
  • Company Administrator: Manage all aspects of the company, addresses, and users, approve shopping lists, make purchases, and view company order history.
  • Senior Buyer: Approve shopping lists, make purchases, and view company order history.
  • Junior Buyer: Create shopping lists and view company order history.

Payment Method Visibility Control

  • Add, edit, show, or hide approved payment options for customers including purchase orders and payment via credit card

Buy Again

  • Company users can view all company-level previously purchased products with the company-specific base price
  • Perform actions such as “Search”, “Filter”, “Add to Cart”, and “Add to Shopping List” on the “Buy Again” Page.