Invoice / Payment Management (Buyer Features)

Published on October 20, 2021

Invoice / Payment Management

Buyer-Side Features (Storefront)

Storefront Account > Invoices is only available for BundleB2B company users. Only company admin and company assigned super admin users have access to this tab on the storefront.
Invoice Listing Page
  • Gives the customer a quick overview of all their invoices. One BigCommerce Online order can have only one invoice.
  • Search option for a quick lookup if you know the invoice# or the Order# it’s associated with.
  • Monitor invoices by using the filters function to look up invoices created within a specific period of time. Filter invoices by their status to plan future payments and track historical payments.
    • Track your pending payments to prevent duplicate payments.
  • Export as CSV file, download all invoice information for local invoice management.
  • Actions: Pay or View the invoice here
Invoice Detail Page
  • Provide easy reference for customers to learn more about the detail and breakdown of the invoice. Check here for details if there has been an update to the invoice.
  • Print invoice details provides pdf or physical copy of invoice for customer’s reference.
  • The customer can make payments from this page as well if they have decided to doso. Clicking on the “Pay Now” button will take the customer to the payment page.
Pay Invoice Online
The customer can make online payments to their invoices with the flexibility of paying multiple invoices at once and making partial payment of invoices.