3. Create a Shopping List

Published on May 18, 2021

Create a Shopping List

  1. To create a shopping list, first go to the account dashboard.
  2. Next, click the "Shopping Lists" tab.
  3. Click "Create New Shopping List."
  4. Enter Name and Description for the Shopping List.
  5. Once shopping list name and description are created, the user can add products into the list.
  6. To add products to the list, enter the corresponding SKU in the SKU field.
  7. Click the checkbox.
  8. Enter the number of QTY for the product.
  9. Click "Add to List."
  10. To add products from the list to the cart, click the checkbox next to the item.
  11. Click "Add to Cart"
  12. There are alternative methods of adding SKUs to the list. You can look up multiple SKUs or upload via CSV.
  13. Products can also be added to the shopping list from the product detail page. User can add items to the shopping list by clicking “Add to Shopping List” and selecting which shopping list the items should be added to.