21. Emails Settings

Published on May 18, 2021

Emails Settings

With the addition of the email settings, merchants can control whether they would like to enable or disable the buyer facing notifications. As well as have the capability to change the email content for the 5 email notifications below.
  • Enable/Disable New User Welcome Email Notifications
  • Modify New Welcome Email Content
    • New Company Account or User Welcome Email
      • Company Admin User will receive a welcome email when a new company account is generated in the store
      • New company user will receive a welcome email once added to the company account
    • Shopping List Approval Process Notifications
      • Admins/Sr. Buyers within the company will receive an email for shopping lists pending approval.
      • The Jr. Buyer (Shopping List submitter) will receive an email once a decision has been made.
    • Quote Status Update
      • The recipient of the Quote can receive an email if the Quote has been updated. After a Sales Rep updates a quote, a pop up will appear and include the option to “Send” an email notification.
        Note: The email notification is not automatically sent.