26. Invoice / Payment Management (Seller Features)

Published on October 20, 2021


The Orders tab allows you to monitor and track the invoice status of all the B2B orders placed by the B2B companies in the store.


View Detail: Redirect to BigCommerce Admin Portal Order detail page

Create Invoice: Create invoice manually. We currently only allow one invoice issued against one BigCommerce Online order.
You can also set up automatic invoice creation in settings for speedy response. You can also create invoices using our Create Invoice open API.

Invoice Listing Page

The Invoices tab shows a list of all the open and completed invoices for your B2B orders.

Invoice Detail Page

An overview of the basic information of the invoice. Invoice Lines and Cost Lines provide a breakdown of the invoice.

Invoice Edit Process

  • The editable Due Date field allows you to accommodate the due date according to the agreement with the customer.
  • The Invoice Lines section is where you can make modifications to the line items after the order is placed by the customer.
  • Any cost changes (e.g. shipping deals, etc.) that occurred to the order can be edited in the Cosy Lines section. Add a new cost line if there are additional cost items.


The Payments tab is where you can see all the payments made towards the invoices in the store.
Keep track of customer’s external payments, such as: check, cash, etc. We allow one payment towards several open invoices manually.
  • Select the company associated with the invoice. Check the open invoice(s) the payment is made towards and fill in the payment amount. Select the payment method and apply payment to reflect the payment on your invoice balance.

Payment Detail

Click onAction > View Details to check the payment record.


We have created 2 roles with access to invoice management only to better manage your financials.

Financial Manager
This role is to manage all the invoice payment,etc. This role has full access to all Invoice Management features.

Limited permissions for Accountant role. This role can view orders, view invoices and make actions to them, but can only view payments and no action towards any payment for separation of duty purposes.

You can also customize roles by clicking “Add New Role” to create a custom role according to your business requirements.

Emails Settings - Invoice Notification

System automatically sends out an email notifying the customer of a new open invoice.

Customizable email subject and email template save you from the repetitive process of notifying the customer.

Invoice Settings

Saving the fuss of issuing invoices manually for every order placed, the system can issue invoices automatically for online/offline payment methods. You can make the call which payment method to have this function turned on as well.

Configure Online Payment Methods
Configure and select the payment method you would like the customer to pay their invoice with. Ability to customize the display name for the frontend end payment page.