2. Quick Order Pad

Published on May 18, 2021

Quick Order Pad

There are a few tools available to Administrators, Senior Buyers, and Sales Reps for Bulk Ordering.

Quick Order via SKU
  • To use the Quick Order Pad, you will put in a SKU on each line.
  • Once the SKU has been inputted, add in the desired quantity.
  • After you have put in all of the SKU’s you would like to purchase, select add to cart and you are done!

Add to Cart by CSV
  • To use this function, download the template CSV found on the Quick Order Pad page. Add in the SKU’s by row and quantity, similar to how you would do so on the Quick Order Pad.
  • This is a helpful tool if you order the same things regularly and maintain a list via CSV.
  • Once the CSV has been uploaded, you can select “Add to Cart” and proceed through the checkout workflow.