15. Quote Creation

Published on May 18, 2021

Quote Creation

  1. Inside BigCommerce Admin Portal, navigate to Apps > BundleB2B > Quotes
  2. Click Create Quote
  3. In the Quote Information section
    • Select a Company to create a quote for. If a Company Account is selected, the Company Name field will autofill.
    • Select one Contact Email from existing Company Users or enter any email you would like to display on the quote detail page. Once a company contact is selected, the Phone Number field will be autofilled (if available).
    • Optionally, enter Company Name, Phone Number, Quote Title and, Reference Number(for the customer reference), and Address related information you would like to display on the quote detail page.
    • Optionally, search and select a new address from the Company Address Book. Please note, the address section will be autofilled with the Company Default Billing Address.
      • Note: All the optional fields are considered informational fields. For example, the address entered here is not going to affect the shipping and billing address the buyer is going to enter during the checkout process.
    • Select the Expiration Date for this quote.
    • Select the Transactional Currency
  4. In the Add Products to Quote section
    • Search BigCommerce Catalog Products
    • Support all BigCommerce Products Variant Options
    • Support the following BigCommerce Product Modifier Types
      • Swatch
      • Radio Buttons
      • Rectangle List
      • Dropdown
      • Text Fiels
      • Checkbox
  5. 5. In the Line Items Section, specify the qty and quoted price for each line items
  6. Optionally, add Notes and Terms and Conditions in the Additional Information Section
  7. Optionally, add a message to this quote, message history between seller and buyer will be kept in the message log and will not be displayed in the exported quote detail PDF.
  8. Click Preview
  9. Check prepared quote details then click Publish
  10. In the pop-up notification after Publish the quote
    • You can visit the link for a buyer side quote view
    • You can send a notification email to one email address. The email contains a URL to the quote detail page.
  11. On the Quote Detail view
    • Print
    • Download PDF
    • Email the quote update notification to buyer
    • Add Message to the quote