8. Request a Quote Process

Published on May 18, 2021

Request a Quote Process

Storefront customers can reach the RFQ-related buttons from multiple locations (Product Detail Pages and the Shopping Cart Page) and add products to the request for quote basket. After adding several products to the basket, access the RFQ form via “View My Quote” hyperlink.
  1. Inside the request for quote form
    • Enter Quote basic Information
      • Contact Email, Contact Name, Phone Number and Company Name will be pre-populated if the customer logged in is a BundleB2B company user. You will be able to change the pre-populated values for these fields.

        Important Note! All the above data are informational data shown on the quote detail page. Please sign in to your account before submitting the quote in order to get special price(BigCommerce Price List) assigned to your corporate account ( BundleB2B Company Accounts)
      • Enter Quote Title and Reference Number for your own reference
    • Quote Address section will be prepopulated with the Company Default Billing Address. However, if no Default Billing Address is available, the fields will be left blank.
      • All address fields entered during the quote negotiation process are informational data shown on the quote detail page, shipping fee and tax are NOT calculated by this informational address during the negotiation process. The storefront customer will be able to select the shipping address and billing address during the checkout page following the BigCommerce normal checkout process, the shipping quote and tax will be calculated via shipping and tax providers configured in your BigCommerce Store.
    • In the Items section
      • Add or Delete items
      • Change the qty for each item in your quote basket
    • In the Message section
      • Enter the message that you think will be helpful for the sales rep to prepare the initial
      • quotation of your inquiry.
  1. Click the "submit" button
  2. Keep a copy of the Quote Detail Page URL to access the Quote detail page if you are a direct consumer with no BundleB2B company user account. Company Users (Admin/Sr.Buyer/Jr.Buyer) and Super Admins (Masquerading as one Company) will be able to check the company level quotes generated via request for quote from Account > Quotes after logging to the storefront.
  1. Once the RFQ form is submitted successfully by a buyer, it gets visible in the back-office App. A merchant side App user can access the quote request from Apps > BundleB2B > Quotes inside BigCommerce Admin Portal, prepare the quote and negotiate with the customer via the quote message section or other methods.