4.Shopping List Approval

Published on May 18, 2021

Shopping List Approval

Once a shopping list has been curated by a Junior Buyer, the user will select “Submit for Approval”. It will then appear on the shopping lists for Administrators and Senior Buyers and listed as “Ready for Approval.” Once submitted, the Junior Buyer can no longer make any edits to the list, unless it is rejected by the approver.

Shopping List - Admin / Senior Buyer
In the Shopping List listing page, the shopping list pending approval, will have the status “Ready for Approval”. Note: You can also apply the filter: “Show Ready for Approval”

The Administrator or Senior Buyer will decide whether to approve or reject the shopping list.

Once ‘Approved’, the admin user or senior buyer can make further modifications to the list, such as adding/removing items, updating the quantity amounts, etc. Additionally, they have the ability to purchase all items, or select specific items to purchase.